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Dec 29, - Is it customary then to wear a towel between the shower and the changing area? And are you expected to keep the towel around you until basic clothing is on? I know how to do this, from changing on public beaches, but in womens showers and changing rooms here it's considered acceptable to wear no. showering nude? Debbie. Age: 23. My e-mail: karolina As far as health risks are concerned, evaluate the cleanliness of the shower area. It's a little awkward to put a swimsuit on just for the purpose of showering, but you can do that if you really want to. . Its all guys (or all girls) there. Everyone goes in fully nude at my gym's showers, though I do know a guy who wears his boxers in and then takes them off while in the shower and walks out. Carmella. Age: 27. I am a bubbly, fun and easily-adaptable young woman with a eye for passion and success your first public shower (for teens only) Jan 4, - Gyms that routinely disinfect the shower areas will be about as safe as your home shower would be. However . When you are dine you return to the locker and get naked, stowing your sweaty gym gear in your gym bag/back pack. But, hey - that's me - plenty of people are entirely ok with public nudity. Sep 12, - DH came home and told me today about DD (nearly ) commenting on another man's penis in the showers at the pool this morning after swimming and my instant reaction was that I wasn't comfortable with her being in open showers with lots of other naked men. I asked him to start taking her to the family.

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Lezley. Age: 28. Hi, my name is roxy. Located in vilnius, please contact me if you wish to have some pleasent moments. After swimming i always took a shower usually naked if no one else was there (the showers were stalls with no doors so you could be seen). But one day while i was taking a shower i suddenly remembered that i forgot my bag where i kept my clothes and towel. I didnt know what to do but suddenly i hear. When my stepkids were at school, 2o years ago, the boys were still communal but the girls had seperate showers but still a communal changing room. I see this in public swimming pool changing rooms, nudity in the changing rooms and showers is nothing to anyone over thirty but the under 30's are reticent to go naked. Apr 2, - A lovely end to a video shoot is to watch your model take a shower, with the soft rushing noise of the water and the shining drops running down her skin. Many more.


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