The thrill of the hunt! When Auto Trader no longer has the inventory you are after its time hit the streets. Finding the classic car or rebuild your after can take time. Do not rush. Comb the internet and always keep a auto shipping broker in your rolodex. Andrew Auto Transport is a great place to get quotes on the fly. They even have a online quote calculator to help you if the office is closed. We can also recommend these two shipping companies, and Check out this article on chasing classic cars on

In a perfect world you would buy a classic overseas in much the same way you would in the here. If you’re not in a big hurry, you can set up International vehicle shipping at an good rate This is a difficult process…there’s no shame in hiring a shipping agent to take care of the details. In fact, It’s a good move.. Hiring an experienced shipping agent takes away a lot of hassles.

Buying in the country is a lot easier however and why not buy American.