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Apr 13, - Shakti says that people who haven't fisted before tend to want to yank their fist out of their partner's body right after they've orgasmed, but it's super startling and very painful for the person you've just fisted. She recommends just remaining still and then massaging the outside of her vagina with your other. Is vaginal fisting dangerous?? at Sex & Sexual Health Forum, topic Mellanie. Age: 27. SMS PLEASE Just say what's up natural cave and we know your interested! Talk with your partner before fingering and fisting to find out what you are both looking for. Well he got the fourth one in and it hurt pretty bad! I told him to wait a minute surprisingly he did. After a while he worked down to the second set of knuckles. I was in excruciating pain! It felt like someone stabbing my vagina with a butcher knife! So I'm crying but he keeps pushing harder trying to force his fist. Charisma. Age: 24. If you are looking for the perfect alternative to having a mistress,all the joys but none of the worries severe pain after "attempted" vaginal fisting Apr 21, - When you think of an entire hand going into your vagina, you may feel a bit overwhelmed. While fisting seems like an extreme sex act, it's really not as hard or as painful as you may think. Here's a detailed look at how to fist for her ultimate pleasure! LIke puttng 'anything' large (a fist is pretty large) into your vagina, depending on how it (fist, large dildo, etc)is used etc. I would imagine potential risks may be involved. I just feel really sore the next day and I am concerned that I might be hurting my insides on a long-term basis. Where can I find out more on this??

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Siri. Age: 30. Hi gentlemen, my name is Riley Apr 22, - Photo from Jamye WaxmanExtreme sex! This week, an adventurous mom had a question about fisting -- the practice of gently, carefully inserting a whole hand into your vagina. Here's her question: Does your vagina go back to normal after fisting, or does it become larger than before? This was the perfect. Feb 3, - I experienced severe pain in my abdomen and cramps after my first sexual intercourse. I tried to control the pain by taking painkillers but it was only slightly helpful. Is normal to feel stomach pain after first sex? Is vaginal bleeding after losing virginity common? Jun 28, - Being fisted is like yoga for your vagina or ass; it makes your pelvic floor muscles more elastic and flexible, but things pretty much always snap right back Then pain passes quickly as the hand slips all the way in, and is replaced by a strange feeling of relief, and the throbbing intensity of feeling fuller than.


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