Shower pipe up ass

I used to unscrew the shower head off the shower hose and place it on my rump. I wouldn't insert the hose inside my tight hole but I'd push it so there was an airtight seal. Then I'd turn the shower on, clench my anus, turn off the shower, and shake around the bathroom. Bounce up and down, shake it all around, loosen some  ‎, · ‎, · ‎, Is using a shower head like an enema safe? | Empty Closets Evanni. Age: 30. Not gfe but open minded Washing my ass is the second to last surface I clean. Squeeze the bulb to slowly squirt in the liquid. Nov 2, - Can you use a garden hose? - "Yes! If tap water was so toxic so as to be dangerous to put it up your ass the water supply would be condemned and shut off. The Shower shot (pictured here) is a standard piece of kit for many enema enthusiasts, along with any number of home brew, high colonic rigs. Josephine. Age: 27. A few words about my self MODERATORS Jan 16, - For a list of the items I used in this setup, head on over to my blog: This video shows you how to set up a douching system on your existing shower head. This setup only works if you have a toilet right next to the shower. The required equipment cost about US $ It is like when you put a garden hose on high power and it shoots a thin stream of water cleaning the anus and small bits of poo fall onto the shower floor I spend a good five minutes lathering up, turn my back to the shower, spread my rather magnificent cheeks, and allow the water and soap to run lol if you dont clean your ass in the shower with.

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Bernadette. Age: 22. top class international companion, 22 years old from italy. Apr 20, - The Shower Shot: A complete setup which includes a diverter valve that attaches to the same pipe as your shower head, a sturdy gooseneck-type hose, and a special tubular aluminum nozzle. This is a must for the shower head. The head can be removed, allowing you to slide the hose up your ass. After washing my face and hair, I lather up the loufa and scrub my whole body down (sans ass and feet). Then I After lathering up my crack, I squat down with my feet shoulder width apart, as low as I can, and I use my shower head (detachable with a hose) and spray it, spray it and spray it some more. “How come your hair is all fluffy and you don't smell like ass anymore?” “Took a shower. Ibeen up since before dawn.” “Oh, Wait where did you take a shower?” “Over there.” I point to the lone pipe sticking up out of the sand. He's nodding and chewing, pushing his bangs back out of his eyes, his coffee cup. “Nice! I'm taking.


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