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Mar 2, - As I am in the process of losing the V-Card I hear footsteps near stairs. I quickly jump up and zip up as her mother walks down the stairs. We chat briefly and she leaves. I turn to my gal and say, "was I in?" She confirms that I indeed had been. I was pumped! I high-fived her. It only takes a few seconds right  How did you lose your virginity? When and how did you lose your virginity? : AskReddit Lena. Age: 21. Hi guys I'm new escort girl in Prague, young Woman looking for gentlemen Her and I had been fooling around under the blanket we had on, when suddenly she slipped off her shorts and stuck it in. why didn't you tell her? how old was she? a lot of girls like it when you tell her you're a virgin. She was actually 23, a few years older. This happened right after I started lifting and getting in good shape and developing confidence. She had it in her mind that I was some sort of playboy badass and she was  OT: What Age Did You Lose Your Virginity? Kiara. Age: 22. xxxxx from kiki Confessions: How did you lose your virginity? Aug 6, - Hi Guys, Lost my viginity last Friday and it was absolutely perfect. My boyfriend took me to a hotel, mind you it was in the town i lived in but that doesnt matter. No pressure at all to have sex and it felt wonderful. Didnt hurt one bit because i was truely ready, love and trust him competely. Just wondered what  What age did you lose your virginity? Stories. Feb 13, - I'm 18 and i'm still a virgin. It's sort of weird reading people's thoughts on virgins. We're depraved, bitter souls who are "nice guys"(you know the type) apparently. I'm trying not to view losing my virginity as a race doe, just kind of seeing what happens in life. Ideally, in my mind, I'd just love to have sex with a.

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Britney. Age: 30. hello I was thinking about this the other day after chatting with a few friends, then spotted Tamba's thread and it got me thinking - does anybody look back on losing their virginity as a positive experience? I lost my virginity to my first serious boyfriend at 17, about a week into the relationship, in his best mates bedroom, during a free. Watch the secret presentation here: → ↑ ↑ ↑ ↑ ↑ Personal Website: http. BattaBox heads onto the streets of Lagos, Nigeria to ask - when and how did you lose your virginity. It's a.


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