Right wingers suck

At least left leaning people tend to be nicer than right leaning people. Sure, not everyone right leaning is bad. But the whole right wing ideology just outright sucks. Their whole values lie on giving privilege to the stronger people. Plus at its core, right wing is just outright authoritarian for the sake of being authoritarian. The 10 Vilest Things Right-Wing Nutjobs Spewed This Week: Equality Sucks Edition | Alternet Kapri. Age: 27. UTR Video Vixen Hillary wanted to make it legal to terminate up until birth which is gruesome and fucking horrendous. The most commonly upheld example of this phenomenon remains The Matrix. Nov 4, - It doesn't help that tea party-linked lawmakers also appear to live in a right-wing echo chamber. You know, I read this kind of psychoanalyzing all the time. Hell, sometimes I do it myself. But there's a simpler answer: there are more extreme conservatives than extreme liberals, and the extreme wingers really. Kelsey. Age: 20. Sexy curvy that's me all pics real 1000% I don't need fake pics MODERATORS Jul 8, - Yes, that's right. I said Boomers. They are the only ones voting for legacy Conservatism and most of the Conservative politicians are of the Boomer . Furthermore, as the Megan Kelly debacle has demonstrated, most of these eye-candy hires are functionally left-wing feminists wearing American flag pins. Why Right-Wing Art Sucks: A Brief History, From Gladiator To Pepe The Frog. Written by Joseph Earp on Mar 15, The emergence of the alt-right has resurrected an age-old question: why does all great art come from the left? Maybe it's because the right can only borrow and steal from genuine culture, writes JOSEPH.

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Monicka. Age: 28. Hi, i am amelie, your personal city guide or social companion available in bucharest, romania and europe. 6 days ago - >> The left like derogatory humor. Making fun of people, situations, or themselves. The right generally prefer wit or satire. It requires some thought and knowledge on both the part of the comedian, and the audience. Unfortunately, this means a majority of people cannot interpret this variety of. Feb 1, - The 10 Vilest Things Right-Wing Nutjobs Spewed This Week: Equality Sucks Edition. Surprise Denying citizens their right to define marriage in their states as traditionally or as broadly as their diverse values dictate. (Translation, not It's almost like they are begging to be ridiculed, these right-wingers. Instead, his dumbest beliefs were reinforced by a right-wing culture that nurtured every nutty idea he had, and pressured him never to stray from a far right ideology. be mildly entertaining, his sheer smugness and exclusive reliance on strawmen pretty much sucks out any potential "fun" that could be had with his articles.


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