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Reach Out's REACH (Retail Education on Alcohol for Community Health) program focuses on training. Everything You Need To Know About Butt-Chugging Priya. Age: 25. make u sleep very good Do you already have an account? Mar 26, - College "kids" experimenting with rectal dosing (like a "Butt Chugg" or rectal beer bong or anal beer bong) are correct in thinking they can get drunk without getting sick to their stomach, or without having to wait an hour to feel inebriated (drunk). They also risk death, however, because it is very easy to. Addison. Age: 20. YOUR GIRL NEXT DOOR XXXXX Hi guys Alcohol enema May 12, - It's done either by soaking a tampon in alcohol and inserting it into the vagina or rectum, or by pouring the alcohol into the orifice using a funnel or beer bong. If it seems insane, that's because it is- it can lead to severe internal burning and cracking, damage to the reproductive system, and dangerous levels. Jun 7, - Scientifically speaking, the alcohol is absorbed extremely quickly into the bloodstream through the tissue of the rectum, and the tissue of the vagina. This can alledgedly cause a persons BAC to rise to like within less than a minute. So you basically go from totally sober, to completely trashed within.

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Natasha. Age: 26. Hey Fellas!!! Sep 27, - A butt chugger is one who consumes alcohol through his or her anus. The vessel for this alcohol enema can be a funnel or soaked tampon. But every so often, someone is hospitalized by alcohol poisoning via butt-chugging, and the nation (and Anderson Cooper) is captivated by this craaazy new trend. Sep 27, - "Alcohol enemas," also known among college kids as "butt chugging," is a dangerous new trend for absorbing alcohol into the blood stream through the who says that when she was at the University of Tennessee, "the worst thing anyone ever did was funnel a few beers or partake in a keg stand or two. Sep 21, - Also known as the beer bong enema or "butt chug," this is the rectal use of a beer bong -- a funnel connected to a clear plastic tube to effect a high-pressure flow of beer. The stunt show "Jackass" depicted it, and many teens tried it at home. The proof is in the numerous videos on YouTube. 3.


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